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Dublinia and The Viking World

Dublinia and The Viking World

Dublinia & The Viking World is a heritage centre located in central Dublin, adjacent to the Christ Church Cathedral. Housed in The Synod Hall, this exhibition had been one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Ireland since its opening in 1993. In 2005 the heritage centre saw an addition of The Viking World exhibition, and in 2009 there are plans to renovate both Dublinia exhibitions and expand the centre with another, archaeology based exhibition.


The first of two exhibitions, Dublinia is an interactive world which captures almost 400 years of Dublin’s history – from the Strongbow and his knights in 1170 up to the burning of the monasteries under Henvy VIII in 1540.

Full-scale medieval street and a merchant’s house are the highlights of the exhibition, along with a complete scale model of the medieval town.

The Viking World exhibition

The Viking World explores the Viking era and depicts how vikings first arrived and settled in Ireland.

Many cities of Ireland – Dublin, Waterford, Limerick, Cork and Wexford – were once major trading posts for the early settlers. Thanks to the audio and visual presentation, the Viking World allows you to fully immerse in the imagery and every day life of the early vikings in Ireland.

Dublinia & The Viking World attract tends of thousands of visitors every year, and thanks to the central location of the exhibitions it’s very hard to miss it if you’re staying in Dublin.

The gift shop at Dublinia stocks a wide range of thematic gifts and souvenirs inspired by medieval period.

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Festival of World Cultures, Dublin

Festival of World Cultures, Dublin

Today is the first day of the 2-day DLR Festival of World Cultures in Dublin.

Festival of World Cultures

The festival is an annual event full of colorful stages with performers from all over the world. There are always many interesting performances, both free and available for a small fee, and every day there is a lot more going on – you can learn more by attending a storytelling session or pick up some unusual art like African hair braiding or drum making or some form of dance.

Particularly popular are fairs and markets set up for the duration of the festival – a great chance to explore the art and food from many countries.

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Castle Leslie is a beautiful four-star castle hotel and estate in Co. Monaghan, Ireland. With its long history and impeccable traditions, it’s gone through major renovations in the past decade to become one of the most pleasant estates you can find.

Castle Leslie accommodation

  • 20 unique bedrooms, each in a different character.
  • a choice of elegant rooms to relax and socialize in: private cinema, billiard, the Gallery or drawing room with its own grand piano.


  • Equestrian Centre on its own 1,000 acres of private estate
  • Cookery School
  • Magnificent fishing
  • Victorian Spa complete with Victorian steamboxes

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